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LIC Wall Charger: Compatible With All Video Goggles

LIC Wall Charger 04.09.2013

  • Wall charger for the XSC Summit and Impact series 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Connects through USB cable and can be charged anywhere there is an outlet

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Hold firmly and get your adventures clicked with replacement loner Goggle strap

Goggle Strap 02

  • Replacement MX Strap is 355mm long and is easy to replace utilizing removable plastic inserts.
  • Strap has silicone anti-slip rails on the inside of the strap.

The Replacement Strap for Impact Series Goggle from Liquid Image is a replacement strap for the Impact Series HD Offroad MX Goggle with HD Camera. The black strap is adjustable in size and features the Liquid Image Co. logo.


To know more please visit go2ebuy.com

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